In the restaurant industry, hiring, training, and retaining staff are critical factors that can significantly impact the business’s success. It is essential for restaurant owners and managers to invest time and resources into hiring the right people, providing comprehensive training, and implementing effective retention strategies.

Petpooja hosted a webinar on How To Hire, Train & Retain Your Restaurant Staff with Suril Udeshi. He explored some essential tips and strategies for hiring, training, and retaining staff in the restaurant industry.

Suril Udeshi is a smart & skilled restaurant consultant with expertise in setting up fine-dine and busy restaurants. Based in Ahmedabad, he has provided his services to some of the most revered restaurants in the city, including Under the Neem Tree, @Mango, Sun Solace, and many others. Suril’s exceptional skills and knowledge in restaurant consulting have not gone unnoticed, as he has been awarded the Best Restaurant Consultant Award by Gujarat Tourism 2023.

And here’s what Suril has to offer for hiring, training, and retaining restaurant staff.