In the intricate realm of Indian Global Cuisine restaurants, understanding the nuances of expenses is crucial. Following our exploration of operating cost breakdown, this article delves deeper into the tapestry of expenses, focusing on the intricate weave of raw material costs. Unraveling the complexities, we unravel the culinary commodities that shape flavors, finances, and ultimately, the dining experience. Join us as we dissect the elements that compose the backbone of these vibrant gastronomic establishments.


                                   Raw Material Cost Breakdown in %

      Pie Chart – Raw material cost breakdown of a Indian Global Cuisine Restaurant

Please note that these percentages are based on my experiences with Indian Global Cuisine Restaurants, which are vegetarian and do not serve liquor. It can vary based on factors like the menu, location, seasonal availability, and supplier prices. It’s important for restaurant owners to regularly analyze their expenses to get an accurate picture of their cost breakdown.

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