The Tourism Awards 2024 ceremony, held at the picturesque Riverfront in Ahmedabad, was a night of celebration and recognition for excellence in the hospitality industry. Among the distinguished honourees were several standout restaurant projects, all consulted by Suril Udeshi.

Patang Re:evolve, known for its innovative approach to modern cuisine technics, was celebrated for its unique pan-asian dining experience that seamlessly blends modern and classic elements.

Cilantro’s, with its dedication to fresh, organic ingredients and exquisite presentation, also took home the prestigious award.

Starz Club, a vibrant and luxurious destination, was recognized for its exceptional service and world-class amenities.

Sun Solace, a serene retreat offering a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle, received accolades for its impeccable hospitality.

Terra Cotta, renowned for its artistic decor and delectable dishes, captivated the judges with its creative flair and culinary excellence.

Lastly, Jagdish at the Statue of Unity, a project that combines gourmet cuisine and impeccable service was honoured for its outstanding contribution to tourism and dining.

These award-winning establishments highlight the visionary consulting work of Suril Udeshi, whose expertise has elevated them to new heights of success in the competitive world of hospitality.